These three platforms are becoming increasingly popular ways to reach people and showcase what you have to offer. Many people are utilizing them to market themselves to businesses for possible employment. There’s no doubt that any business who wants to succeed needs to consider utilizing these social media opportunities to further their reach. But how do you use them effectively?  I’ve found some tips for maximizing the impact you can have on these sites, and here is what I learned.


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  1. Make sure your profile is complete

  2. Reflect your business through the profile

  3. Activate your profile

  4. Be sure to share your thoughts

If you are interested in learning more on how to complete each of these tips, more information can be found in the original article here.


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  1. Use quality pictures

  2. Post photos on blogs and other sites

  3. Configure settings to maximum exposure

  4. Consider adding photos to groups

  5. Share you Flickrstream with everyone

For more tips and more information, click here to see the source for these insights.


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  1. View other broadcasts

  2. Use a title that your audience will remember

  3. Make yourself easy to be found

  4. Set aside the right amount of time for welcoming viewers

  5. Have an inviting screen saver

  6. Ask viewers to share with their followers

Here is the link for the original article if you are looking to learn more.


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