While these three forms of social media may not be the most popular, they are still a great way to reach consumers. The sites get a lot of traffic, and they make it easy for people to find what they are looking for. So how can you find success in marketing through these three mediums? I’ve found some sources that provide great tips on finding success, and here is some of what I learned.


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  1. Become a redditor

  2. Find your subreddit

  3. Make your content specific for Reddit

  4. Work hard to not get “called out”

  5. Pay attention to comments

If you like what you’ve heard and are interested to learn more, click here.


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  1. Include price

  2. Add links to pin later

  3. Locate popular group boards

  4. Promote yourself

  5. Create traffic with blog boards

  6. Monitor competitor’s boards

To learn more on each of these tips, the original article can be found here.


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  1. Carefully choose format

  2. Follow and connect to fans; share their content!

  3. Try to create an emotional response from readers

If you want to dive deeper into these suggestions, click here to read more.


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