A great way to catch the attention of your target market is through the use of video marketing campaigns. Almost every social media medium in today’s online world is capable of sharing videos to those who follow you. According to Social Media Today, Facebook video posts have 135% greater reach than photo posts. It’s clear that you need to utilize video marketing to stay with or ahead of your competition, but how do you utilize it successfully? Digital Marketing Suite has put together 5 tips to successful video marketing; here is what they shared.

1. Focus on the story, not the sale

Often times, people get annoyed with advertisements that try to push products and ideas. It will likely beneficial to try to connect with the customer, rather than making it seem like they are only a source of money.

2. Make the first 10 seconds your top priority

within the first 10 seconds, 20% of viewers exit videos on social media. You MUST find a way to spark interest in the very beginning of your video to ensure your efforts are being seen.

3. Make it exciting!

Posting a boring video will only increase the chances that viewers will see your product or brand as uninteresting. Try to make viewers laugh or feel enlightened so they can escape their boredom, because that is often the reason people find themselves on social media in the first place.

4. Utilize SEO

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Posting a great video means nothing if it doesn’t reach your target audience. Check out my blog that focuses on search engine optimization to see just how important it is!

5. Educate viewers

65% of your viewers will be visual learners. You can utilize this statistic by posting how-to videos for your products or provide tips on how viewers can make the most of them. You can also post videos to consumers that showcase your knowledge within the industry, which will also help to increase your image and credibility.


Business Spotlight: Intel

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Intel has created a wonderful video series that is catching their audience’s attention. The videos aren’t made to focus on their brand, but rather inspirational and uplifting stories. They relate the videos to their brand by showcasing people around the globe who utilize their products to create wonderful experiences and innovative technologies. What makes the video series successful is the common denominator, which is people using technology to improve the world. Intel wouldn’t be able to spark such a great interest with these ideas on a form of advertisement other than video. Here is an example of their series that focuses on how Shubham Banerjee utilized Intel’s technology to create a cost-efficient printer for people who are blind.


One thought on “How To Use Video Marketing To Get Ahead In Social Media

  1. Great business spotlight! It seems that Intel is a really popular company that no body really knows about or knows that they’re using (like in our laptops) so its really cool to know that they do things globally for business recognition.


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