To many people’s surprise, the average person’s attention span is falling. This brings up the question, how do marketers gain the attention of viewers for an extended period of time? One solution to this problem may be the use of visual storytelling. Visuals actually have a higher chance of catching your viewers eyes than any other method. AdEspresso has put together some ways that businesses can engage their audiences using visuals that I would like to share, but first I want to point out some statistics.

  • Posts with visuals result in 180% greater engagement (link)

  • 93% of the most engaging Facebook posts use images (link)

  • 50% of our brain is involved with processing visuals (link)


Now I’m going to share some of the tactics that AdEspresso has pointed out along with some tips on how to be as effective as possible.

1. Use Videos

If a picture is worth 1000 words, what is the worth of a video? Videos are one of the most popular forms of advertisement on social media, so it’s important that you use them to reach your audience


  • Make sure videos direct viewers to understanding your product and company
  • Use humor when appropriate
  • Try to reach into viewer’s emotions

2. Use Fan Submitted Content

When viewers see that you are paying attention to them, they are likely to be satisfied with your efforts. Try to connect with them as much as possible and incorporate them into your marketing strategy!


  • Insert your brand into the ‘fan’s journey’
  • Get involved in commenting with viewers

3. Use A Mascot

Using a mascot is a great way to connect with your target audience and help share the story and purpose of your business. As I pointed out in my last article, ” Tips For A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign”, Old spice has done a great job of this with

image link

“The Old Spice Man”.


  • Create a personality and qualities for your mascot
  • Make your mascot memorable with special quirks
  • Make sure the mascot stays with what the fans embrace

4. Use Captions

Adding captions to your pictures or videos can be extremely helpful. They help tell the story to further its effectiveness and can spark people’s interest to pay attention to the ad.


  • Only use 1 or 2 sentences
  • Follow the caption with a link or hashtag
  • Make sure information is accurate


Business Spotlight: Patagonia

image link

Patagonia brings a lotto the table to help bring people in. Their commitment to quality, environmental involvement, and deep integrity have helped them build an increasingly strong following. A big part of their success is due to their use of visual storytelling. Each image they use incorporates real life users, instead of models, in their apparel while in outdoor environments that are appealing to their target audience. This is a big reason why people are able to connect so well to their ads. Another reason for success is that their ads always incorporate the company’s main focuses of integrity and environmental awareness. Their impact is becoming so large that even people outside of their target audience, who have no interest in their products, are taking notice and praising their efforts. When this is happening, it is clear that you are doing something right.



5 thoughts on “Visual Storytelling: Retaining the Attention of Your Viewers

  1. Great post. I love the drawing at the top. Did you draw that? The Old Spice man is a great example. I like how you allude to a past post of yours. I like the way you outlined the tactics and put simple tips below each. Great opening too! Gets our attention.


  2. This a fantastic post! Your information is spaced out and bolded to perfection! It made reading the post very easy! Thank you for adding several simple tips within your initial tips! Tip #2 is my favorite! It is wonderful to have something or someone to put a face with the company!


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