What Is Online Display Advertising?

Online display advertising, also known as banner advertising, is an advertising strategy that uses graphics to convey a certain message or idea. Because there are so many users on the internet, using online display advertising offers a lot of opportunities to businesses who utilize this marketing strategy.

How Does Online Display Advertising Benefit Users?

So why should you look to online display advertising to bring in more customers? PHAR Partnerships has put together seven benefits that this method brings to show just how effective it can be when used right. Here is what they shared.

1. Cost Effectivene

2. Perfect Placement

3. Easy Targeting

4. Increased Exposure

5. Measurable

6. Easy to Track

7. Ability to Test

One company who has realized all of these benefits and utilized online display advertising to increase their success is Adobe.

Business Spotlight: Adobeadobe-logo

When you hear about this company, what is the first thing that pops into your head? There’s a good chance that is has something to do with photos, creativity, design, or something similar. What helps them find success in this marketing strategy is that they incorporate all of these and everything that makes them who they are into their banner ads. They utilize their expertise with images to draw attention to their ads, which include clear calls to action, so viewers can get what they want as easy as possible. Here are some examples of their banner ads.








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