While there is often a lot of skepticism when debating whether or not to utilize search engine marketing, data shows that when it is used correctly the benefits are higher than the risks. Many businesses are taking advantage of it, and their success shows the effect that search engine marketing (SEM) can have. Search Engine Land has provided 5 reasons you should consider SEM. I’ve chosen three of these points that I feel will convince you to consider SEM.

increased-roi1. Effective Payment

One of the best parts about SEM is that you only pay when someone clicks on your add. This means that each dollar you spend on an advertisement is having some sort of an effect. You know exactly how well our add is doing and almost none of the money put into the add goes to waste.

2. Reaching Target Markets

Pay per click ads (another therm for SEM) are able to be tailored to the consumer you want to reach when you want to reach them. This allows for ads to be as effective as possible. the messages can be sure to meet a certain consumer’s needs at just the right time and location.

3. Quick Results

In today’s world, its becoming increasingly important to know how you’re doing so you can make changes as fast as possible. With SEM, you can see results as soon as the day after posting an add. This will allow you to see trends and make whatever changes are needed to optimize your results.

Business Spotlight: Appleapple

When you think of technology today, one of the most recognized and successful brands is Apple. They have continued to bring new technology to consumers, which has helped them to hold a large market share. However, one of their less recognized reasons for success is their pay per click advertisements. What they have done to be so successful is making their ads look more like content rather than a typical advertisement. This method seems much more inviting to consumers. They don’t feel as if they are trying to be sold something, but rather they are getting information that they are interested in. Customers are happy, and the adds are even more effective that before. Great job Apple!


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