Today’s consumers heavily rely on search engines to find answers. How important is it that your company is at the top of the results? The answer should be very! Most people only consider the first few suggestions they get from search engines, so having your name near or at the top can have a huge impact on your success. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring that your web page is listed near the top of results that are given by search engines. SEO is extremely important and has many benefits, as Rank Executives share in their article, Benefits of seo. Here are some of the benefits they discussed.

Clear Increase In Views

With the use of web analytics, you will see a definite increase in traffic after utilizing search engine optimization. It may not be immediate, but relatively soon the number of views to your site will begin to rise.

Better Image

People have a lot of faith in search engines, such as Google. When they see your name at the top of the search results, they will probably see you as a credible business. The top results are usually the leaders in their industry, so your image is greatly influenced by your position on the search page.

Higher Return On Investments (ROI)increased-roi

Being at the top of search results has proven to be more beneficial that using online ads. Compared to the number of sales resulting from click-on ads, SEO clicks result in twice as many sales. People using search engines are usually looking for something specific, so when they see your name at the top of the list, they are more likely to be satisfied.

Permanent Results

Search engine optimization results have a permanent mark. Advertisements must be continually paid for to have a positive effect; SEO results are forever. It does require work to keep the number one spot, but it is very difficult to take away.


One company that has utilized SEO to the fullest is Dell.

dell_2016_logoBusiness Spotlight: Dell

When it comes to the computer industry, Dell is near the top of the leader board. While they continue to deliver quality and innovative products, a lot of their success is due to search engine optimization. All you have to do is search “computers”, which is a very broad term, into Google. The first two results are Dell products. All of this is due to their continuous focus on search engine optimization. With so many competitors, there is no way that Dell could hold such a high rank in their industry without these efforts, and they’ve realized it. Dell is sharing tips related to SEO, and you can read some of their suggestions here.


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