What is web analytics?

According to techopedia, web analytics are special plans used to increase online and e-commerce activities. In today’s online world, it’s often easy to miss the effect that your web presence is having. Web analytics helps make this problem disappear. Siteimprove.com  has provided key reasons to why the use of web analytics is important.

Web Analytics Defines Your Online Strategy

The interpretations made by web analytics tools help you make future decisions. Knowing about how your viewers are utilizing your site can help you manipulate your site to better meet your customer’s wants. This will help improve customer satisfaction and allow you to set more accurate goals.

Objectives Can Be Determined With The Help Of Analyticsobjective

When changes are made to a website, it’s important to know how viewers react to those changes. Through this you can see what areas need to be focused on and what areas are doing well and may not need as much attention. Web analytics will not only show you what objectives need to be set, but it will also help determine if they are being met.

Knowing If You’re On The Right Track

If you’re not using a web analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, there’s no way of knowing if you are moving your site in the direction towards meeting your goals. This is the biggest reason why the use of web analytics is so important. To know where to take your website, you must know where you are.

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Business Spotlight: GEgeneral_electric_logo-svg

General Electric has taken full advantage of the web analytics tools offered by Google. They use it to track the country of origin of all of their viewers. This allows them to identify locations with the greatest market demands and tailor their website to those markets. They are able to configure their pages to different languages and cultures, which is helping them get a lead on their competition. Great job GE!


2 thoughts on “Web Analytics: Why It’s So Important

  1. Your description and information behind the subject were very helpful! It is clear that you understand how it all works! I had no idea Google Analytics allowed websites to alter the language of their page for visitors! So cool!


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