When blogging for the purpose of business, there are many factors to consider. CIO listed 12 tips for creating a blog that consumers will desire to read, and I have chosen what I feel are the most important ideas to remember.

1. Focus on your target audience

Make sure that you are sharing information that your target audience will see as relevant and important. If you work with your audience to find out what they are interested in, you will be able to gain their attention in our articles as well as form a more personal connection.

2. Make your headline stand out

Headlines are what get the attention of the readers. If the headline doesn’t spark any interest, the consumers will assume the article has no relevance to them. Business bloggers must make sure that they make their headlines bold and interesting.

3. Use a personal tone

A blog post is a personal connection to your consumers. Readers probably won’t want to be reading posts that are worded as if it is a sales pitch, but rather a personal conversation. Andy Lindus, of Lindus Construction, points out that using a sales pitch style will likely push consumers to look elsewhere. Also, using jargon when trying to reach target markets can be confusing to readers, and using a personal tone will help them to understand what is trying to be said.

4. Vary your posts

It’s never easy to create interesting information to listeners. You have to use trial and error to find the best ways to reach and please your audience. Also, by varying your posts, you will be able to keep the attention of your readers because they will know that there is always something different that you may be giving them through your posts.

If you are interested in reading CIO’s full article, here is the link


Business Spotlight




This company has done a great job in positioning their blog to reach their target market. They don’t just focus on camping, which is probably the most popular activity of their consumers; they go much further. They provide instructions, comparisons, and even in-depth instructions for cycling, hiking, traveling, as well as camping. No matter what your interest, REI’s blog is tailored to you.



3 thoughts on “Strategies To Consider While Business Blogging

  1. Nice choice of the 4 you like. I would agree all of those are important tips. I love REI and so does my family and it is interesting to know that they have a good blog. Be careful using pictures that are just from a google search due to copyright.


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